Assurance in Chain Enterprises

Assurance is an essential condition for trust in a  chain enterprise. Insufficient assurance can cause organizational vulnerability, inefficiency and major loss of business revenues. Especially complex and extensive composite services are confronted with a major increase of business- and discontinuity risks.

The CANTOR approach can be used to establish Assurance in a Chain Enterprise.  The approach is based on five different sections:

  1. Chain principles (C-EP)
  2. Strategy and Policy (C-PS)
  3. Chain Risk Management based on Transference of Obligations Risk Control TORC (C-RM)
  4. Chain Internal Control System CICS (C-AM)
  5. Enterprise Assurance Evaluation (EAE)

The approach uses blockchain technology  to finance efficient control allocation within the chain enterprise.

The feasibility and relevance of the approach was validated at two large public companies in The Netherlands. The CANTOR approach is currently elaborated in a research at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

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